“A truly unique hotel. A home away from home in this exotic metropolis” — George Wipple III, NYC
"Stunning. A relaxing paradise amongst the total crazy medina area ! If not staying at this hotel you must visit for lunch or dinner or just to have a drink.”
"Beautiful Riad Amazing location for the medina Staff and service brilliant"

Sa-kan means as much as a home, a place where you feel good. And that is exactly what we think a hotel should be, and what it often lacks. 

That’s why we’ve made SAKKAN different. Back to the essence of a warm welcome, being able to be your stressless self, relaxing and enjoying small things and future memories with your loved ones. In the discrete presence of art, music and scents. Surrounded by the best care of our team. Wanted and found for quality, their professionalism but above all true friendliness. Mastering the lost art of absolute hospitality.